Q&A: One pose five images

Talking with starting photographers we learned that posing is a big issue. In our newsletter from last week we had already sent out some tips to get the couple in front of your lens more comfortable. Specially when you don’t have too much time to take the portraits you don’t want to rush your couple into many different poses because then you will lose their relaxed expression.

Today I want to address this subject again and show you how easy you can get five different images with (almost) one and only pose. There are two key rules for you as the photographer to get the best out of one pose: keep moving and give them things to do.

Let me show you what I mean with a little sneak peek of yesterday’s anniversary shoot of Tabea & Christian.


1. Get a wide angle shot.

This is a great way to start to get your couple comfortable in front of the camera as you are not starting with the camera in their face.

2. Ask them to look at each other.

You see same pose totally different picture. I love that people (almost) always start laughing when they look at each other. You will also recognize that the picture is taken by moving closer to the couple. So the photographer moved and gave the couple something to do to get more out of this one pose.

3. Ask him to give her a kiss on the cheek/ neck

This image get’s a lot more intimate look as they are interacting. I love the tenderness in an image when he gives her a kiss on the cheek and it is always a great little change to get more out of one pose.


4. Focus on her and keep moving

This image shows again what a little change of position of the photographer does to the image. You might also recognize that she lifted up her legs but apart from that the pose didn’t change.


5. Focus on him.

As easy as it sounds: try to focus on both together and on each of them apart. This will add to the variety of images that you’ll get from one pose.


So these are just some little tips to give you more options during your portrait session with a couple. I hope this will help you to get the best out of one pose.