It is April 7th and this is the first post in April. In one year I never left out blogging 4 days in a row. Sometimes one day and sometimes I wrote a Saturday post instead but never ever did I didn’t write four days after each other. I could tell you „I didn’t have time“, or „I spent Easter weekend with my family,“ or „Easter weekend has two holiday days so in fact I just didn’t write for two days.“ But would it make a difference? I don’t think so and I am sure you don’t care how busy I was either working or with my family. The only honest answer that would count is: „I didn’t make blogging a priority last week.“ And that is a fact.

So while my priorities might shift every now and then I wanted to share my top ten priorities for this week with you:

1. The European Wedding congress which is going to take place this week in the Netherlands.

2. My FPA Shining lights program – I still have to follow module two.

3. We started a new side business and this month we are going to reveal the new site for it. Working late, eating pizza in the office and getting things done for a new project feels so refreshing.

4. The Photographer Magazine in Dutch is coming soon to our shop!

5. We are opening new mentor sessions.

6. I need to clean my house…. this seems like a very minor point but I can tell you it is necessary.

7. I want to create some awesome blogposts for you.

8. I need to finish reading my recent two business books:  Get Rich, Lucky B*! (the title is the worst I ever heard but the content is so strong) and Make It Happen 

9. I need a haircut….

10. We need to go climbing as we already skipped last week. And though this is the last point on this list it is pretty important to me.


So with that said I wish you all a lovely week! See you soon.

jennifer hejna_0002