Jennifer, why do you write in two languages ?

Last week I wrote on Facebook with a fellow photographer who helped me with my multi-language plugin on my website (thank you Michael). And then he asked me „Why do you write your blog in German and English ? I see a lot of photographers in Germany writing in English. Why do you do that ?“

Paris 2013

Well I don’t know why other’s write in English but for me there is a very easy explanation: I lived the past four years in the Netherlands and before in Belgium and France and I am very glad that I still have readers and clients from those countries. One year ago I was still writing in three languages (Dutch as the third one) but I figured out that it would be more efficient to write in German and English and skip the Dutch translation for more content on the website as I will have more time to write content instead of translating. So if you don’t want to read in English just click the language selector button and find the same post in German.