Jessica & Naomie | Sister Portrait session

When life hands you lemons take them and make some nice tequila with it or at least some lemonade. My parents got divorced when I was 14 years old and this for sure was a sour periode for all of us. But what I couldn’t see when I was fourteen I can see clearly now. Life didn’t just give me  a lemon and changed my young life it gave me a great stepfather a wonderful stepmother and two super sweet stepsisters. We are a patchwork family that is far away from being perfect but in the Easter vacation I had the chance to photograph my gorgeous stepsisters: Jessica and Naomie. We I met them the first time I was a pubescent teenie Naomie could barely walk and Jessica had the terrible twos. I think we made great progress and I am happy that today we just squeeze those lemons and make some perfect lemonade and enjoy it.