The curse of perfection part 2

I searched back in my blogposts to find this one: „The curse of perfection“. And I wouldn’t search for it if it wasn’t the thought that kept in my mind. Why does everybody need to be perfect? What is it that we cannot accept anything but perfect?

I listened to two girls at a coffee house at the table next to me. One was telling the other how much she hated her direct boss and how incapable she was in every aspect of her job. She kept complaining and complaining and then with a relief she told her friend that her boss was pregnant now and about to leave the company. „Why don’t you apply for her position? You are in the company now for such a long time don’t you think you could do it?“ She looked at her friend with big, shocked, brown eyes: „Me? No, I am not ready yet for such a position.“ I could fee it in her voice, she wasn’t feeling perfect enough to apply for that position. But what was the real reason? As perfection is a feeling that we humans made up. It is not a natural feeling like love, sadness or happiness. Perfection is completely artificial feeling that we made up to give another feeling a better name – FEAR.

She was AFRAID to step up to the other position and to maybe fail, to have her now colleagues under her and being a manager to them, what if she would make mistakes, what if, what if, what if – what would people think of her? Shame! The fear to fail is the biggest feeling that  (specially us women) holds us back from doing things. Doesn’t that sound silly? It is. The fear to fail keeps us from doing things. But within all the „what ifs“ in your head did you look at the one „what if I succeed?“ „what if I am not doing that bad?“ „what if it makes me happy?“

When in comes to nutrition the trend goes more and more to natural and organic food and drink. So why with your green smoothie in your hands, why would you listen to an artificial feeling that you call „perfection“ instead of your organic feelings like trust, happiness and self-love to decide wether the next step is for you or not?


And if you ever wonder if my words are right or wrong. Look around you, look at nature, look how imperfectly perfect some things are.

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