The marketing napkin: How to stand out in the crowd – part 3

It is already Friday again! Can you believe it? So it is time for the third part of the mini series  „How to stand out in the crowd“. The first two parts can be found here and here. In the first two posts we discussed being unique and set yourself apart from every other „fellow competitor“ in your field, to be different and to create your own voice to becoming a consistent artist based on your uniqueness. These two points have been crucial to start a business and to stand out from everyone else but now comes the third part and sometimes I wonder if this is the hardest parts of all…. at least for some it must be.

It is early in the morning, I am fighting a little flu, so don’t sit too close to me. Just at the other side of the table would be fine. We wait for the waiter to bring us our drinks. It is always the same, first the napkin than the drink. For me this morning it is green tea, jasmine green tea. My favorite one. Let’s grab the napkin to write down: be unique / be consistent and…. be kind.

„Be kind?“ you may ask sipping on your tea looking at me with interrogative eyes. Be kind to others will set you apart from so many others who are talking, and gossiping, who refuse to help others, who are mean to people that they see as their competition. There are so many people who think that others should prove to be good to them is the rule but don’t be mistaken: you have to be kind to be rewarded with kindness in return. Give first and don’t think about what you will get in return. Sometimes that might just be a smile and sometimes that is a little more. Start giving, be friendly, be open and great things will come to you. Believe me when you have a network you want to be known as the nice and friendly one instead of the mean and fake one.

Be unique / Be consistent / Be kind

And you will be so different from 90% of the fishs swimming in your pond, fighting for the clients. You will stand out.


If you liked this three part series of how to stand out in the crowd you can download it here as a free printable as a complete set to re-read every time you need it.