The marketing napkin: The summer recap

Lately I got some emails that people were missing my marketing napkin posts. And that is of course something that I couldn’t leave like that and decided it was about time for a new round of drinks and napkins. The summer is almost over and we sit on the terrace in the sun wearing a wool cape around the shoulders and a blanket on our knees. I take a sip of my red Tempranillo and decide it is a good one, just great for this cosy season. „What did you change since we last met ?“ And I look at you through my sunglasses.

Just in case you are the one sitting right next to me swallowing hard, wanting to drown in your glas of Tempranillo or turn back the time of this summer to make some adjustments to your business here are three things you should do now to turn the tide around – the story is not written as the year is not over yet and you have still time to get your business ready for 2016.

  1. Look at this season. How many of your couples were your ideal couples? Did you define your ideal client at all? Well if not don’t complain about the clients that are not your perfect fit. How would you know who is your perfect fit if you never wrote it down? Take the napkin write it down.

This post might  help you define your ideal client. 

2. Did you meet some new people this summer? People that you like to meet with and that benefit your business? People that you refer to your clients because of pure honesty and not because of expectations of getting referred either? This networking topic might sound threatening to you but I have to disappoint you, without a network you wont get referred.

This post might help you grow your network. 

My dear success is not something we can just harvest from a tree. If it was believe me my garden would be full of trees like those. I challenge you to look back at this season. Who were your clients and who were the people you LIKED to work with. This is a people post. Analyze your clients and your network, define your ideal customer and build your network. Believe me this will bring you one step closer to your goal of having a great business that you love and that makes you live a life that you love too.

Sometimes the smallest step into the right direction ends up being the most important step of your life. 

Did you work on your business this summer? What did you change, what did it change? I love to hear it here below.