The ring pillow

When you plan your wedding day there are a lot of things that offer a gazillion options you can choose from: flowers, dress, location, stationery to make your day look just as you want. This year we realized one thing when our brides showed us their ring pillow which didn’t fit their style at all just being cheesy and to be honest kitsch. „Well we couldn’t find another one… so we decided we take this one before we don’t have a pillow at all. Please DON’T take a picture of it.“ If you have an item on your wedding day that you hate so much you don’t want it to be photographed it shouldn’t be part of your wedding right?

So we decided we have just started an embroidery business for pillows why not offer ring pillows as well? And here they are. Starting in our monogram webshop TODAY.

ringkissen hochzeit monogramm initialen meinmonogramm_0046 ringkissen hochzeit monogramm initialen meinmonogramm_0009 ringkissen hochzeit monogramm initialen meinmonogramm_0015 ringkissen hochzeit monogramm initialen meinmonogramm_0023 ringkissen hochzeit monogramm initialen meinmonogramm_0039


PS: We have a special promotion running with our good friend Birgit Schatz from Marrying Münster. If you buy your wedding rings at her shop for a certain amount she will gift you a ring pillow with monogram and a matching pillow for your living rooms as well!

And now we see clearly how linked our wedding photography and monogram business are in real life!