The supporting role will also win an oscar

jennifer hejna_0001

This post is for all supporters. For the assistants, the bag carriers, the „I-run-through-the-rain-to-get-you-that-tripod“ runners, the water refiller and umbrella holders, the second shooters and heavy-lens carriers, the drivers and parking lot finders, the flash battery exchangers, the sugar suppliers,  the helpers, the flower arrangers and bouquet holders, the jacket wardrobes during the shoot, the shadow makers where necessary. This post is for all supporters and assistants behind the lens.

For all of you is this post. Your name might not be on the brand sign on the house, you don’t stand in the center of attention, you work behind the scenes and without your work and dedication those who stand there in the center speaking, photographing, teaching and networking wouldn’t be what they are if they were without you. Without you they couldn’t‘ be the best version of themselves.

Last week we sat at dinner with some photographer couples. The funny thing about the constellation at dinner was: these couples were all photographer couples where she was the first photographer and her name was the brand name and he was the second shooter and supporter. When we realized the situation and made some fun about it we toasted with a glass of red wine to the „men behind the photographer“ and I said with my glass raised high and a smile towards Conrad: „The supporting role will also win an oscar“ Because without the supporting role the leading role would never have a full successful movie.

PS: this image was taken during a wedding day where we took images of the parents of the wedding couple with their wedding picture in their hand. This image shows Conrad waiting patiently for all parents to arrive and hand them their wedding image so I could take their photograph.