The wrinkles on my face…5 things I would tell myself in 2007

This morning Facebook showed me an image as a memory of 2007. It was me with two good friends in Ghent on a student party. And damn do I look young in that image. I look young and carefree and all that counted were the University,my  friends, studying with coffee till late night, watching Gilmore Girls, my morning run and every Thursday night a great party until the sky turned purple again (yes I was one of those students). If you want to see that picture just head over to Facebook, I shared it on my profile. Today I am sitting in a mess of an office stuck within products and packaging, writing blogposts and photographing the most precious moments in people’s life. Did I expect my way to lead this way? NO WAY. I expected myself to work in an international communication or marketing department of a big company. So here are a few things that I want to say to my younger self on the picture next to my two lovely friends and a can of Jupiler beer.

  1. Never, never, never stop dreaming. You dreams cannot be big enough because those dreams are what you are working towards. Without a huge dream you are just walking on a lost way.
  2. You can, in fact, become everything that you want. Never limit yourself to your studies or the things you learned at University (unless you want to become a heart surgeon, pilot or lawyer…). Life gives you a lesson every day, make sure you learn from it and follow the path of your heart.
  3. You are never too young to start something exceptional. (Looking back now I think if I wouldn’t have been that scared at 20 I could have started my own company by then.) So never be too scared to start your own company. You have nothing to lose.
  4. Work really, really, really hard. Because the hard works will pay off. Success is nothing that comes over night (at least for 98% of us it is like that).
  5. Read a lot of books and meet a lot of people. You never know which book will change your thinking in the direction of your dreams and you never know which person is the one who leads and supports you on that path.

What would you tell yourself in 2007? Let me know I would love to hear.