Things we love: Juicing

When you are reading this title you might think „Juicing? Doesn’t that mean you only drink vegetable juices and hardly eat food any more?“ Well if you want to do a juice cleanse the answer is yes but we are juicing just a few times a week and we still eat food and we love it. I would even love to do a juice cleanse one day but that is another story. If you follow me on instagram you might have seen some „green“ images of my most favorite green juice regularly in my instagram feed.

Before we started juicing last year we were blending shakes with fruits and yoghurt, but what I like about the juices in contrast to the shakes is that they don’t fill up and the vitamines go directly into the blood stream. I am not a health thearapist but I know I feel better when I drink one of these each day. I feel much more awake and I can concentrate better. It is just like a little vitamine bomb.  All you need is just some vegetables, fruits and a juicer. Since November last year we have this Bosch juicer and I just love how fast it is to use and (very important) to clean.

So here is my favorite juicing recipe for the perfect after-lunch-booster. Believe me drinking one glass of these will fuel you up with energy to work through the afternoon after you had lunch.

juicing entsaften jennifer hejna_0001


For two glasses of „green power juice“ you will need

1 cucumber

1 plate full of fresh spinach

4 apples

1/2 Pineapple


juicing entsaften jennifer hejna_0002

Happy juicing!