Things I love: mats

Actually this post should be called: Things I adore but that sounded kind of sneaky. But I truly adore mats. When we are in a museum or in a gallery shop where you can buy prints of photographs of other artists and I see one in a mat I am almost sold. Luckily I don’t buy all of them but seriously I think there is nothing like a simple mat around a picture. It frames it, it is the finishing touch and it gives it a better feeling. Specially today when prints or digital images lost a lot of their value compared to years ago I think a mat gives the image value. That is why I really love so sell my prints in a mat to my clients. Every time I ship matted prints to my clients I cannot wait for them to receive them. To see, feel and touch their picture perfectly finished in a mat.


I specially love these mats as they are like a closed pocket. So the image is inside the mat and a closed product on its own, even without a frame.  If you are a photographer you can buy these from Keepsakes Germany or SWPM UK depending on where you live and work.

hochzeitsfotograf jennifer hejna produkte passe partout_0005