Travel: Crete

Last year after the wedding season I was burned out. Not like being sick and having a burn out but I was really really tired as I gave everything I had for all weddings 2013. We went on a little vacation in December and the only thing I did was reading, sleeping and enjoying the mountain view. This year we said we need to charge our batteries during the wedding season to prevent me burning out again.

Some of you who are busy working on wedding pictures and shooting weddings might say: How can you do that you need to shoot and edit ? Well sometimes you just need to make a plan and everything else falls at the right place. We planned the vacation for the end of May/Begin of June and just blocked the time.The funny thing was: once we blocked those 10 days we didn’t get any inquiry for those exact days. I got the feeling I just had to visualize it and all weddings, shootings, meetings and deadlines just fold around that time.

There were three things that were so special about this island that I cannot stop telling everybody about it.

1. The people

2. The nature

3. The food

Arriving at the beautiful island of Crete we were welcomed with sun and friendly people. We enjoyed the dinner for two at a Greek taverna every night and shared Greek appetizers together. Talking about life, about the great food, the great wine, the wonderful hospitality on the island. Seriously this island stole my heart. The beauty of the nature and the crystal blue sea just kept my breath and the great home made food at every taverna we chose just got me thinking about a Greek cooking class. We went to Spain before were we also shared tapas but these „mezedes“ were even so much better. I love the idea of sharing food together instead of just eating each a single meal. So food wise I was right in heaven. The best way to enjoy the nature and the Greek cuisine is going hiking (not the main tourist roads) and end your hiking route in a small rural taverna.

Besides the great food and nature we met so many wonderful people with so many different life stories who really enriched our life during these days. On the one side we were talking with people who were about to change their life and discussing their options and on the other side we met Greek people who live in a very bad recession and crisis and how Europe changes their lives, for good and bad.

For every wedding photographer out there who struggles at the end of the season with a burned out feeling: take your time, just block some days to go on a vacation, not a destination wedding a real vacation. You deserve it.

PS For those who want to follow our iphone images just head over to my instagram account. We posted many pictures of this island that stole our heart.



It can even rain in paradise.

On the way to Georgioupoli you will find 22km of white sand beach.


Fisher boats in Georgioupoli.


Sheep always have the right of way !

The Kournas lake is the only sweet water lake on the island and a perfect place to relax.

The way up to the mountains of Preveli is long and sunny along the olive trees.

Once you reach the top you are rewarded with a wonderful view on the south coast of Crete and you are just 140 high meters away from the beach of Preveli.

My favorite mezedes: stuffed wine leaves, feta rolls and Cretan Dakos.

Knossos is the oldest restaurant in Rethynon. Don’t be scared by it’s location in the middle of the touristic harbour. The food and the chef who sings for his guests will make up for the touristic surrounding.

The Mili canyon is definitely worth a hike.

The only vacation picture of us two together where we were in focus….

The view from our wonderful Hotel down to the sea.