Vintage bruiloft in de tuin in Den Bosch | Gerline & Tijs

They met as students at a „braai“ in South-Africa. They fell in love and proofed to everyone around them that differences fit perfectly together. In 2010 they went on vacation to Marocco. Tijs knew that Gerline was already waiting for him to ask the one question but to ask it on that moment blew her totally away. They were visiting ‘Volubillis (An ancient Roman ruins which is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List) he mumbled to himself: „ah.. why won’t I just simply do it ?“ She looked at him but before she got a chance to ask about what he exactly meant he was already on his knee taking her hand and saying: ‘At this place full of history I would like to add a chapter of history in our ‘book of life’.. do you want to marry me Gerline ?’ Overwhelmed and totally surprised she answered ‚Yes‘ in between tears of joy that were running down her cheek.