Wedding at the Harbor of Münster | Ina & Christoph

When I look back at the pictures from last wedding season and the joy and love I cannot wait until this season gets finally started. I know I am kind of behind with the blogging of my 2011 weddings.

Ina and Christoph got married in August last year in the Clemenskirche which is a beautiful church in Münster. After that they had their reception and dinner at the harbor of Münster at the restaurant EsCape. I personally love that location because it is directly on the water and has a very modern interior. People enjoy the sundowner on the terrace will looking on the water and everybody just feels relaxed and happy. Ina and Christoph are a wonderful couple, they have a very moving story and there wedding day was definitely the most special day in their relationship after a hard and busy year.

This weekend in August I had the pleasure to be at this location for two times on Friday and Saturday. So when I left the wedding of Ina and Christoph I said „See you tomorrow“, to the staff of the location. It felt a little like working in a company but it was so much fun :-)

Ina & Christoph thanks for choosing me as your wedding photographer – it was such a pleasure to be part of your special day !