Wedding at the Keppelborg – Olga & Michael

The snow is still laying on my window while I am typing this and the heating is full powering to prevent me from freezing to my desk. Looking back at this beautiful day reminds me of how beautiful the summer is and I can’t wait for this summer wedding season to get started.

Olga and Michael got married in Nienborg in September. You might recognize them from their civil ceremony from last February. If you want to read their story and how they met just click here. Their big wedding in the church of Nienborg was special for me too because I had the chance to work with some of my favorite vendors. Daniela Plesser was there to pamper the bride in the morning and create her beautiful hair and make-up. Natali Kedzo from Hochdruckgebiet created all stationery and paperwork in wonderful Letterpress style. Burkhard Barenbrügge aka DJ debug was their DJ for the evening and the wonderful dress was from Anabella in Münster. Working together with great vendors makes my job even better and more fun. Sit back and enjoy the pictures of this beautiful wedding in Nienborg. If you are a bride to be I hope you get inspired by these beautiful details – if you are not a bride to be just sit back take a warm blanket on this cold winter day and enjoy the moments and love on this wedding day, they should warm up your heart.

Hair and Make-up: Daniela Plesser

Stationery: Natali Kedzo from Hochdruckgebiet

Wedding Dress: Anabella

Shoes Bride: Jimmy Choo

Wedding Location: Keppelborg in Nienborg

Photobooth: Black-Boxx

DJ: DJ debug

Wedding Photography: Jennifer Hejna


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