When things change you can wait and watch or adjust to the change

Today five years ago I posted this blogpost on my small blog: Ein besonderer Geburtstag (German only). Remembering how I sat on my couch in Holland writing those personal words makes me feel a little sentimental. Looking at what has happened since then in my life feels just unreal and makes me very grateful and even a little proud. I wish I could have told my grandpa all the stories from the past five years. He loved listening to my stories… So here is a new one for you others who like to listen to my stories:

When things change you can do two things: stand there waiting and watching or adjust to the change. For us three things changed significantly during the past 12 months: First, this is our biggest wedding season ever (not counting my first years of suicidal 30-40 weddings in one summer), we started a webshop for photographers (past year in September to be precise), and we started a new business for monogrammed products (in May this year… so it is still a baby). With our old blog I felt I couldn’t focus on all these three aspects: the galleries for couples were to small, the sidebar to offer more items and services for photographers wasn’t adjustable enough, the site was cluttered with information that nobody could find, writing about Mein Monogramm felt all wrong as it was part of ME but not part of our photography business. So within the last months I started to think and to sketch and then I made a decision: the blog will be ME and there will be an exclusive website for just our wedding and engagement galleries. I know there will be people out there who find this decision strange but I wanted to create a page that was dedicated for our new wedding clients AND I wanted a blog where I could share not only our photography but also our business journey. So with that said check out our new homes online: www.jenniferhejnaweddings.com, www.meinmonogramm.de and take a tour around this new blog.