Why did we start a second business?

Earlier this month we started a new business and we got so much positive feedback from friends, family and followers (the three big F in our life ;-) ) Thank you all for cheering us up with your comments, supporting us and letting us know that we are on the right path. Because every now and then everybody needs some encouragement don’t we?

Besides the extreme positive reactions we also got a lot of questions regarding our new business: Why did you start another business? Will you stop working as a photographer now? Do you have so much spare time to start another business? Is wedding photography not enough for you two to survive? Is your business not going well?

So here are some of my answers for you:

Our wedding photography business is going really well and we love to be each weekend till October on one or two weddings. We love each single couple and we couldn’t think of a better job than being wedding photographers. But when the idea of a webshop for monogrammed products came up my online marketing heart started to sing as I LOVED that idea so much. Why wouldn’t I start a business if I love the product and the idea so much? It never felt like work but more like a fun new hobby or project that we were working on to write the business plan, marketing plan and just start creating designs. We don’t have too much spare time but we took that little free time that we had to develop everything that we needed to create this new business. Next to photography and languages,  Marketing is definitely my third passion and this new shop just offers me so many possibilities to develop that passion of mine even more. One more rational reason is the future. What if one of us ever get’s sick, what if we grow old and cannot stand and run for 12-14 hours on a wedding day? What if we have nothing prepared to live on when we wont be able to  photograph weddings anymore? You never know what is going to happen in life and I just like to be prepared to sleep well, now and in 40 years.

I hope this answers some of your questions in a good way and that you can follow our reasons to start another business. We wont quit wedding photography – we couldn’t stop, we love it too much and we cannot wait to capture all those moments this years and in the years to come for our couples.

If you want to check out what I am talking about (and you speak some German) head over to our webshop for monogram products: www.meinmonogramm.de . And just for you my dear blog readers we have a special reduction ready. Use the code „Jennifer15“ to get 15% off your very individual monogram pillow.

mein monogramm de kissen monogramm braun baumwolle_0002


mein monogramm de kissen monogramm weiss baumwolle_0005

mein monogramm de kissen monogramm sets_0007

mein monogramm de kissen monogramm dunkelblau leinen_0011

mein monogramm de kissen monogramm dunkelblau leinen_0006