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3 tips on being more productive

Do you know those days where you stare at your computer screen watching cat videos, other people websites, plan your next vacation, check out the new collection from your favorite designer? And at the end of the day you finished your groceries list and think where has all the time gone? Productivity can be really hard especially when you have an internet connection or a smartphone with social media installed on it. everything at once seems more exciting and interesting than what you should do. Or even better you just stare at your to-do list and don't know where to start anyhow. I hear you, I've been there too and here are my three tips for being more productive each and every day! [list style="style2"] [li]Define your three topics for the [...]

Honestly….maybe it is just a new chapter

Honestly, I am always afraid of life-changing decisions. When I finished my studies and was about to start conquering the corporate world I thought, that after 13 years at school and 4 years at University my whole life would change now. I was so excited to start working, earning money, having a nice flat and just living the good life. But honestly... nothing changed. Yes, I earned money and my days looked different than before where I had so much time to spare and long nights learning. But besides my daily rhythm, my furniture, and my bank account nothing changed. I didn't change. When I quit my daytime job a few years later I thought that now being my own boss and being completely independent will change my whole life. [...]

And what if it rains?

Wedding planning can be quite exhausting. You plan the flowers, the decoration, you buy the most beautiful dress and you invite all your friends. And then there is one thing that nobody can plan: The Weather. Even when we photographed a wedding in the South of Spain we were forced with the danger of an upcoming tornado rolling by. But getting married in the North of Europe will influence your choice of location even more than in the South. We cannot plan the summer and we have rain and wind during all seasons. A rainy wedding day is not only the biggest freight for a bride it also is for a wedding photographer. At least that is what I hear all the time. Rain is not a big problem when you [...]

Hi, ich bin Jennifer

2009 entschied ich, dass ich lieber 24h für mich arbeite als 8 in einem großen Büro zu sitzen. Seitdem ist einiges passiert. Das meiste kannst du von Beginn an auf diesem Blog nachlesen. Meine Mission ist es jeden Tag mit einem Lächeln aufzustehen, weil ich das tue, was ich liebe. Und wenn ich das kann, kannst du das auch.


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