Have you ever found yourself on a wedding day with pouring rain and no idea on how to take beautiful portraits of the wedding couple?

The „Rainy day photography guide – a guide for wedding photographers“ will guide you through different options on a rainy wedding day. After photographing weddings over 10 years we faced so many different days on different locations with rain and cold. Especially in the North of Europe, you can never be 100% sure it won’t rain during the wedding day.

Written from these experiences and designed with many rainy wedding images I created the „Rainy day guide“.

What can you expect from my „rainy day“ guide?

  • how to prepare for bad weather
  • where to take images outdoors when it rains
  • where and how to take images indoors
  • how to use window light in three different ways
  • how to create a short portrait session with the bride and groom during bad weather (no posing tips in here)
  • how to photograph indoor during crowded receptions and dinner

The rain guide will teach you to work with available light and some short introductions to flashlight. The guide is not a flashlight guide. I mainly work with available light and only use flashlight to imitate natural light.

Language English.

Please let me know if you are interested in another language for this guide.