My blog turns 5 years old !

Today 5 years ago I decided in our small flat in Bussum (Netherlands) I could start a blog. I started with an experimental portrait session. A gothic girl with color key images. It was a long way to find my own voice and style of photography and I am not ashamed of these first steps. I never deleted a post in the past five years.  I didn’t know photography would become my profession that 15th of May 2009 it was just a hobby. Today I am a little proud of this little baby growing since five years and I want to celebrate it here with you. Never be ashamed of how you started – we all have to start somewhere. I would suggest you start with passion and start from there and allow yourself to grow. You might head into the wrong direction every now and then but that will only strengthen yourself. You will fall and feel unloved, you will want to quit, you will have moments where you just stop writing because there are no words left to say but don’t worry you will get fired up again. And then looking back at what you have overcome you will be looking proud at your little baby – your blog.

Happy 5 years of blogging !

Thank you all for reading, for commenting, for telling me about typos. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement !


And as this blog is like the heart that I carry on my tongue here are my very own five personal blog posts over the five past years.

Ein besonderer Geburtstag – 31.8.2010

A bracelet of memories  – 2.4.2012

 Moving back – 26.11.2012

Love after war – 2.20.2013

2013 a review – 1.7.2014