The new office

November the 5th 2012 I wrote quite an exciting blog post (exciting for me now). The post was titled „My first studio“. I won’t rewrite everything that I wrote back then, though all those words would just fit perfectly into this post. How I started my business from the living room, evolved to a little room in our flat and finally to the first space that I called „My studio“. I was so very very proud of those few square meters (I think it becomes quite obvious when you read the old post). So much has happened since November 2012.  March 31st, 2014 I wrote a post called „Our new studio“. It was the first step to combine the office and the studio into one place. It was very pretty and I left there with a tear in my eyes. So why did we need a new, different space this time?

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In May last year we started our monogram business „Mein Monogramm“. We are not even in business for one year now but it is a rollercoaster and specially the Christmas time blew us off that we were sold of our cozy blankets within one week. It was a big process of learning and adjusting and working A LOT but I wouldn’t want to miss a minute of it. One desk was readjusted for the overlock machines, the sound of the embroidery machine and the sewing machine were heard all day long, when the delivery guy rang the doorbell we either didn’t hear it because of the machines or the floor was so crowded with packaging materials, wrapping papgers, finished products and new material that we couldn’t reach the door. It was a fun time but it was entirering at the same time so we decided if we want to live this big big dream of turning this webshop into a real business we NEED a bigger space. A space where we can seperate the production and the office space. A space where we have space to meet our wedding clients without cleaning the office from threads and packaging materials two hours in advance. A space where we didn’t have to worry if anybody comes in to pick up a product and we have to apologize for the chaos.

And then we found this empty industry hall. It was dark, cold, yellow and totally undone but we saw in it a tiny flame: a chance to turn it into something beautiful. It was a lot of work, sweat and tears (more about that in the last behind the scenes post) but I can finally show you a few detail glimpses into our new workspace. Is it a studio? An industry hall? Or an office? I really don’t know but it feels very very good to be here now.

And just if you don’t believe the sweat, the tears and the hard work… here is a little before picture.


jennifer hejna studio_0014


Welcome to our new office: the home of Jennifer Hejna Photography and Mein Monogramm.

jennifer hejna studio_0009jennifer hejna studio_0013 jennifer hejna studio_0012 jennifer hejna studio_0011 jennifer hejna studio_0010