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Wedding Wednesday: weiperfriseure

You are right, there are still a lot of people missing for my Wedding Wednesday series. I knew right when we got engaged that Janina Weiper would do my bridal hair and make-up. She also did my hair for our civil wedding. Janina is a big talent when it comes to hair making [...]

Wedding Wednesday: weiperfriseure 2018-04-18T14:41:58+00:00

28th of October

Hi there, It is the 28th of October and this marks a few special moments. First it is a little longer ago than two years that Conrad proposed to me and it is exactly one year ago since we had our civil wedding. It was a rainy cold day but we had so [...]

28th of October 2017-11-20T10:32:18+00:00


You haven't seen a lot from 2016 and our photographic adventures last year on this blog yet. Here is a little overview of how gorgeous the past 12 months have been in our photographer life. Just scroll down and enjoy what we enjoyed: moments of happiness, of laughter, of intimacy, of elegance, emotions and [...]

2016 2017-01-20T15:56:36+00:00

Thank you 2016 – welcome 2017

I am sitting here at our dinner table in our 1950s house that still feels like our new home, though we already live here 7 months. The table is covered in envelopes and cards for the family and Conrad is packing all our Christmas gifts in blue paper. This year has been more [...]

Thank you 2016 – welcome 2017 2016-12-24T09:48:56+00:00

The infamous birthday post

Hello you and thank you for coming to my blog today. Some of you might come because they know I write a birthday post each year. The collection of posts contains the "turning 29 on the 29ths", the bucket before 30 list and the 31st birthday. Which leads to this years post.... turning [...]

The infamous birthday post 2016-07-28T15:10:12+00:00

The new office

November the 5th 2012 I wrote quite an exciting blog post (exciting for me now). The post was titled "My first studio". I won't rewrite everything that I wrote back then, though all those words would just fit perfectly into this post. How I started my business from the living room, evolved to [...]

The new office 2016-03-30T10:54:11+00:00

What happened….?

Wow I feel a big, big silence over here. The blog is silent. And it has all rights to feel empty and alone since the last time that I wrote a post is now six weeks ago. After blogging since 2 years continuously this has been the biggest break from the blog, without [...]

What happened….? 2016-03-30T10:52:58+00:00

An engagement in Paris

Oh Paris.... Paris has been on my heart since so long. I guess it was a dream until I visited it for the first time on September 12th 2001 (yes right one day after 9/11). I went back a few times as a tourist until I finally lived in my Paris in 2006 [...]

An engagement in Paris 2016-01-11T11:52:35+00:00
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