Hi that’s me

Friday Introductions: Hi there I am Jennifer, or Jenny like most of the people call me. I am a Leo born end of July and though I am a summer child I have the palest skin. Actuality my skin is so pale it never changes it's colour. My hair is naturally red and [...]

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28th of October

Hi there, It is the 28th of October and this marks a few special moments. First it is a little longer ago than two years that Conrad proposed to me and it is exactly one year ago since we had our civil wedding. It was a rainy cold day but we had so [...]

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You haven't seen a lot from 2016 and our photographic adventures last year on this blog yet. Here is a little overview of how gorgeous the past 12 months have been in our photographer life. Just scroll down and enjoy what we enjoyed: moments of happiness, of laughter, of intimacy, of elegance, emotions and [...]


Thank you 2016 – welcome 2017

I am sitting here at our dinner table in our 1950s house that still feels like our new home, though we already live here 7 months. The table is covered in envelopes and cards for the family and Conrad is packing all our Christmas gifts in blue paper. This year has been more [...]

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The infamous birthday post

Hello you and thank you for coming to my blog today. Some of you might come because they know I write a birthday post each year. The collection of posts contains the "turning 29 on the 29ths", the bucket before 30 list and the 31st birthday. Which leads to this years post.... turning [...]

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