The infamous birthday post

Hello you and thank you for coming to my blog today. Some of you might come because they know I write a birthday post each year. The collection of posts contains the „turning 29 on the 29ths„, the bucket before 30 list and the 31st birthday. Which leads to this years post…. turning 32.

I went back and looked at last years post and found this quote from myself:

„Well the last two birthday posts were easy… turning 29 on the 29th and turning 30. Where as the 29 and 30 felt more like an accomplishment of my 20s the 31 now feels like a challenge: better make the best of your 30s.

So what will this decade bring for me? I don’t know. I just know that I am so excited to see it, to live it and to experience it that I might just start today, without any pressure. Just living the moment.“

Better make the best of your 30s… what has happened so far? Actually this past year ran by and there happened quite a lot. Sometimes I find myself totally overwhelmed by everything that is happening and I need to make myself stop and breathe and smile and see what great things have happened.

The first and greatest thing of my 32nd year was definitely the engagement. And knowing I will get married to Conrad within this next year makes me pretty excited and butterflies fly in my stomach… getting married is a pretty big thing don’t you think?

We took a very very big leap of faith and turned an old wood hall into an office and after renovating this place with our own hands we moved the whole office just to start two weeks later to renovate my grandparents home and move again.

You could say this 32nd year is a year of movement, moving forward, moving from one place to the other, moving on, moving out of my own way, moving towards each other, moving out of my comfort zone.

So for today I wont move anyway and just stay at my new/old/beloved home and spend time with lovely people until it is Saturday and time to move again…

I don’t know what the next 365 days till my 33rd birthday will hold for me and what adventures are just waiting for me out there but I know, it is going to be a special year.

Have a lovely Friday my friends.

Cheers to the next 32!