Autumn wedding | Bianca and Uwe

Guys, there are days where I love being a wedding photographer and there are days where I LOOOOOVE being a wedding photographer. After the lovely afternoon with Bianca and Uwe for their engagement session, it was already clear that photographing their wedding day would be fun. When we arrived at the little castle [...]

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My favorite moments

Weddings are pure emotion - everybody is happy and enthusiastic. Maybe that is one of the best things about weddings. After 9 years of wedding photography, there is still one moment that is my favorite moment to shoot at each single wedding. It is the moment right after the ceremony when the bride [...]

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Summer wedding at the Steverburg

When i started photographing my first weddings 10 years ago I photographed weddings of elder siblings of friends and schoolmates. Now 10 years later I am proud to say that now I get to photograph the weddings of younger siblings of my schoolmates. Being able to capture and witness the day of Anna-Lena [...]

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An engagement session in black and white

Yesterday Sabrina and Matthias came to us to pick up their wedding album. We chatted and chatted and talked about their wedding, about our wedding and the plans ahead. The time flew by and seeing them leave with the album under the arm as the final product that we serve them was, like [...]

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Wedding at Hof zur Linde

When your wedding season starts with one of the most romantic wedding locations in Münster, a personal ceremony by the water and two people that just lough and kiss all day AND you get to sit on the bridal table during dinner.... then you have done everything right. In this case we had [...]

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You haven't seen a lot from 2016 and our photographic adventures last year on this blog yet. Here is a little overview of how gorgeous the past 12 months have been in our photographer life. Just scroll down and enjoy what we enjoyed: moments of happiness, of laughter, of intimacy, of elegance, emotions and [...]

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