Recap bucket-before-30-list

I received so many nice birthday wishes on Facebook yesterday and many people also asked how I am doing with my bucket-before-30-list. Well well here is my list once again:

* going to the Andreas Feiniger exhibition

* preparing some sushi myself

* going to climb at the „Big Wall“ climbing center

* buying a bottle of  fine champagne for my birthday and opening it right before midnight

* try to live more healthy at least until i am 30…

* loose 3 kg until my birthday (that is definitely the point that scares me most)

* getting a consultation and makeover at MAC cosmetics (now it is on my list Daniela ;-) )

* running 8km again after my knee injury

* having a wine and cheese evening with my love with some real nice wine from the local wine store

I went with Helen to the Andreas Feininger exhibition and to the MAC makeover. Conrad joined me for the home made sushi, the wine and cheese evening, the climbing and we had a bottle of nice champagne for midnight to celebrate my birthday.

And besides these fun things to do I also challenged myself to run, live healthy and loose some weight. These were the parts I was most afraid of and I am so proud to tell you that I ran the 8 km for the first time after my knee injury the evening before my birthday. It was a crazy run as it started pouring rain on the last 1,5 km (and with pouring rain I mean a real thunderstorm). I felt it was a sign to run even faster and I ran more than 8km for the first time ever.

And there are just two little to-dos left. Living healthy is nothing I can prove but I feel good and less tired and I lost the 3 kg! I don’t have an evidence for it but maybe this was just my very personal challenge where everything that counts is that I know how much the scales show.

My conclusion after I finished this list on time is that I am already working on creating a new list. I did things I would have never done during this period of the year just because with making this list public I held myself accountable for every point. Whereas if I didn’t publish it I would have just forgotten about the list and told myself I don’t have time to finish everything. People I met and on social media asked me how I am doing with my list and that pushed me do accomplish every single point. I spend real quality time with people that are important to me making this list happen. It was so much fun, thank you all for living through this list with me. Let’s see what the next list has to offer.