Time and Life saver part 5 – dropbox and google drive

So this morning I thought about it was time for a new episode of time and life savers as the last episode has been in December 2014. When I wrote down the two „savers“ that I wanted to share with you today I immediately thought this episode should be called „the sharing episode“.

Ever since I started using Instagram I struggled how to get the real images (no iPhone pics) from my computer to my mobile. Maybe it was just stupid me and there was an easy button that I just missed but I started sending me emails with images so I could download them on my mobile…. (I now this sounds stupid… it was). And then one day for a complete other reason I installed the dropbox app on my mobile and just like that it was so easy to add images from my desktop computer to the Finder dropbox folder and then I could just see them in my dropbox app. Seriously this saved me so much time and made it easy to take images with me on vacation and wherever I was, I could just download them from my dropbox. This year we started working with several people around our webshop for photographers and Mein Monogramm and we all needed product images for all kinds of reasons. The dropbox helps us share and use the same folders and add files and images for everybody to see. It makes working together with a team so much easier and fun too. Dropbox is seriously a time and life saver for our business and I wouldn’t want to work without it anymore.

Another option that we use this year more and more to share files and all work and edit on the same spreadsheet is google drive. I remember I was already using it during my studies working as a translator where we shared documents to see how far the translations were. This year we needed it for projects, for the stock updates on products, for calculations, for our workshop and for all kinds of tasks where several people needed to work on the same spreadsheet. You can work with different people at the same time in one document and you don’t need to send or save anything to be sure it is saved in the right version or send to the right people who need this document too. It makes our life here so much easier.

I hope these to simple time and life savers will help you make your life easier too and save you hours of time behind the computer.

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