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Hi that’s me

Friday Introductions: Hi there I am Jennifer, or Jenny like most of the people call me. I am a Leo born end of July and though I am a summer child I have the palest skin. Actuality my skin is so pale it never changes it's colour. My hair is naturally red and as you can see on this picture I have a thing for red lipstick as well. July next year not only marks my 35th birthday but also my 10 year business anniversary. Back then I started my own photography business and never looked back to going back to work. In 2015 I started my second business @meinmonogramm.de which has now an ambitious team working and sending personalized products through all of Germany and Europe. I could eat spinach [...]

Summer Wedding at Haus Ruhr | C&T

Last summer we photographed the beautiful day of Claudia and Tristan at Haus Ruhr. Haus Ruhr is a wedding location close to Münster that has opened two years ago and since then we are always happy to photograph weddings at this stunning location. Claudia got ready at the old chateau together with her sisters while Tristan was already waiting by the little chapel that is just a 2 minute walk from the castle. They chose everything carefully for their special day. Everything for their day was chosen very carefully: from the personal ceremony, to the emotional music to special gifts for their closest family. Every moment was just filled with joy and love. I could tell you a lot more but I think the best way to feel their wedding day is [...]

British German wedding at Hof zur Linde

When a couple comes to meet with us mostly the first question is "How did you two meet" and then I am glued to their lips for their love story. As you know I am all about stories and love stories are my favorite stories. When I asked Verena and George the question. It was a super cute - destiny is screaming kind of story. Both were studying abroad in Spain and while going on a weekend trip on a bus she sat down in the row behind him. He turned around and offered her some shortbread... I mean how much more romantic can this story start? Their wedding day was equally romantic in the beautiful Apostel Church in Münster. And I remember the words of their priest holding the ceremony [...]

Hi, ich bin Jennifer

2009 entschied ich, dass ich lieber 24h für mich arbeite als 8 in einem großen Büro zu sitzen. Seitdem ist einiges passiert. Das meiste kannst du von Beginn an auf diesem Blog nachlesen. Meine Mission ist es jeden Tag mit einem Lächeln aufzustehen, weil ich das tue, was ich liebe. Und wenn ich das kann, kannst du das auch.


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