For photographers 2014

Now Christmas is really around the corner and I can finally start with my favorite posts of the year: the "this has been 2014 posts". And I am starting theses posts with a series for photographers who have some time between the holidays and search for some business inspiration. These have been our posts [...]

For photographers 20142014-12-22T15:59:15+01:00

Time & Life savers Part 4: Coschedule

Actually I thought my series about time and life savers that will help you run your business better and faster was already done. But then this happened: My friend Lesley told me about coschedule and how much time it would save me planning my posts and social media so I couldn't resist and tried [...]

Time & Life savers Part 4: Coschedule2014-12-16T17:40:32+01:00

5 tips to grow your blog

Recently I received more and more emails about how I organize my blog, how I manage to blog daily and what is important to have write a regular blog.  So I decided to write a little post to answer these questions and some personal thoughts from my side. I started to blog more [...]

5 tips to grow your blog2014-11-24T14:29:16+01:00
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