For photographers 2014

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Now Christmas is really around the corner and I can finally start with my favorite posts of the year: the „this has been 2014 posts“. And I am starting theses posts with a series for photographers who have some time between the holidays and search for some business inspiration. These have been our posts for photographers 2014.


What lens to buy?

Q&A: 9 steps to your corporate identity

Q&A: How to make your images look good on Facebook?

Time and Life savers part 1: Evernote and Blogstomp

Q&A: How to find good light at noon on a sunny day ? Part 1  (Find the light series)

Time and Life Savers – Part 2

 And what if it rains ?

Q&A: How to create a wedding album in InDesign using templates  (including FREEBIE download)

Is a blog the only way to show your recent work ?

Q&A : How to find good light at noon ? Part 2  (Find the light series)

Time and Life savers – Part 3 Grand Total and Photomechanic

Q&A : How to take photos in harsh lighting without shadow? (Find the light series)

Follow your dreams, they know the way

How can I attract the perfect client ?

Q&A: How to plan your blog (+ Freebie blog planner)  (including FREEBIE download)

Q&A: One pose five images

Be yourself

Q&A: Dealing with back lighting – Find the light part 4  (Find the light series)

3 steps on how to define your style of photography

3 reasons why you should attend certain wedding fairs as a wedding photographer

Q&A: How to get the best images of your bride in moments where you shouldn’t interfere

Q&A: 3 reasons why you should give wedding images to other wedding vendors

5 WordPress plugins for a more powerful wordpress blog – Part 1

The welcome kit trailer

Focus on being better than yourself

How To: 3 tips on posing couples

Q&A: How to create magic black and white images

5 plugins that will make your blog more powerful – Part II

5 tips to grow your blog

 3 things that made me grow as a photographer

12 tips for starting photographers

Q&A: How to get your first 30 weddings booked as a new wedding photographer (including FREEBIE download)