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Hi, I am Jennifer a wedding photographer, blogger, marketing lover and co-founder of meinmonogramm.de. I am equally addicted to coffee and green tea and I love some good jazz, the vanity fair magazine, a lazy Sunday with my kindle and the sweet village I live in with my love and business partner Conrad.

coming soon… the welcome magazine

You are seeing right. There have been some changes here on the site. We took one step forward and then two backwards with the functionality of the site and so we need to work even harder to get it all back running. The best thing is with the new design the Jennifer Hejna [...]

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Anja & Flavio | Engagement in grandma’s garden

2016 haben wir so viele tolle Paare mit der Kamera begleitet. Anja und Flavio war ein Paar davon. Er professioneller Basketballspieler und Personal Coach  und Anja ist Juristin in Hamburg. Schon bei dem Engagement Shooting der beiden im Garten von Flavios Großeltern hatten wir so viel Spaß. Blog --> Anja und Flavio ________________ In 2016 we [...]

Anja & Flavio | Engagement in grandma’s garden2017-07-10T15:16:50+00:00

My favorite moments

Weddings are pure emotion - everybody is happy and enthusiastic. Maybe that is one of the best things about weddings. After 9 years of wedding photography, there is still one moment that is my favorite moment to shoot at each single wedding. It is the moment right after the ceremony when the bride [...]

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Summer wedding at the Steverburg

When i started photographing my first weddings 10 years ago I photographed weddings of elder siblings of friends and schoolmates. Now 10 years later I am proud to say that now I get to photograph the weddings of younger siblings of my schoolmates. Being able to capture and witness the day of Anna-Lena [...]

Summer wedding at the Steverburg2017-04-26T15:33:45+00:00
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